The Man She Couldn’t Refuse: Chapter 8

Jack: You’re headed to Naxos, right? Can you check out how many tourists are at Portara for me?

Becca: Oh, work, work, shmirk…

The yacht was flasher than any five-star hotel she’d ever stepped into. What kind of a yacht had a hot tub on deck? One that was purpose built for pleasure. She walked to the railing and looked back at the view. He was right; with the sun starting to set, it was picture postcard stuff.

“It’s like looking through the best Instagram filter ever.”

“I know.”

“You can’t possibly sail this alone.” It was huge.

“There’s a crew. Five of them. There’re in town for the evening.”

Alone with him now, in this ultimate luxury, the feeling of fantasy was enhanced. Her sense of liberty multiplied. “But you’re captain? Holding on to the steering wheel and all that?”

He shook his head. “I’m not afraid to let someone else pilot the boat. So long as we’re going in the right direction, generally.”

“And you have a hammock.”

“I do.”

That gorgeous lethargy stole into her bones at the mere sight of it.

“I have books, as well,” he said softly. “There’s a little library below deck.”

Books and a hammock. Did he remember that she’d liked to read? Always she’d been the one to open a book, not her legs. The last of all her friends to lose her virginity.

“There’s a satellite TV and stuff, but I’ve not bothered turning it on. I don’t want to know what’s going on.”

What was it Levi had to escape from? Now she looked close there was a lingering tiredness in his eyes. Maybe a haunting. Or maybe she was being ridiculous and fanciful because she was in the middle of a big blue sea and above was the most spectacular sunset she’d ever seen.

She wasn’t falling for a façade. Not being that silly romantic girl who’d fall too deep too quick and end up trying to make herself into something he’d want.

But she was going to do this. One night. He’d be gone tomorrow. There were no expectations. No real consequences.

“Are you going to show me your flash cabin?” she asked, her voice soft.

“Easy,” he muttered. “Let me find us a snack.”

No. All of a sudden she didn’t want slow. She didn’t want polite talk and a few canapés. She wanted what she’d always wanted. She wanted it so much she was burning up. And making the decision—taking the action—fired her all the more.

She really needed to cool down.

She quickly unfastened her tank and let it fall, just as quick she unzipped her skirt and let that fall too.

Levi stood frozen, his mouth ajar.

His obvious astonishment made her laugh, but the need in her eyes made her feel invincible.

In her bra and bikini bottoms she turned to face the water, swung her arms high above her head—leaping at the very second she heard his shout.


Levi leaned over the railing, his heart thumping until he saw her surface several meters from the yacht. She turned to face him, laughing.

The ultimate Siren.

“Holy hell, Becca, what do you think you’re doing?” He stripped off his jacket and shirt.

“Doing what I want. Proving to you that I can.”

“You’re crazy.” Down to his boxers, he unfurled a rope ladder over the side, because he didn’t want either of them to drown down there, and then dived in to join her.

He swam to her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her to him.

“I’m cooler.”

“No,” he argued. “You’re hotter than ever.”

He kissed her. Wet and salty and half sinking. It wasn’t enough. He needed his weight back—to pin her beneath him and take it all.

“We’re going to drown,” he groaned. “I can’t kiss and kick at the same time.”

“You men never can multitask.” She splashed him. “Race you back.”

He won, quickly climbing up the rope ladder then reaching out a hand and hauling her back onboard. She almost tumbled he pulled so hard.

He took the opportunity to wrap both arms around her again, lift her. Make her his.

“You’re slippery.” He shifted to gain his balance. “Always were hard to catch.” He deposited her in the hammock and leaned over so she couldn’t escape. “But I’ve netted you now.”

The Man She Couldn't Refuse

Becca Wolfe is on a mission to put herself first for once–and that means no men.

Working as a promo girl on a Greek Island, she’s dressed to thrill, carrying a pistol full of caffeine-laced soda (did she mention the secret libido-boosting ingredient?) and ready for the holiday of a lifetime-with no distractions!

But Levi Everton–blast from the past and top of Becca’s ‘Most Wanted’ list–is distraction personified.

A lot has changed in ten years, but Levi is tempting as ever. And he’s about to show Becca that life is much more exciting when you give in to temptation…!


by Natalie Anderson

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