The Man She Couldn’t Refuse: Chapter 7

Becca: I’m not going 2 fall 4 anyone.

George: That’s what they all say right b4 they do.

They wound along the narrow road, passing the gorgeous white buildings, some with their blue domes. And finally arrived at the harbor.

He pulled up in front of a kiosk and tossed the keys to the guy standing in front of it. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

He took her hand and walked her down to the wharf.

Now she understood. “You think you’re going to impress me with your big boat?”

“It’s not just my boat that’s big.” Levi waggled his brows nefarious-panto-villain style.

She turned to face him, hands on her hips. “You think your big boat is going to make me want you?”

He too stopped and just looked at her.

You already want me.

He didn’t say it, but they both knew it.

She’d wanted him when there was no big boat. No money. Nothing but black jeans, tee and that compelling personality, and imposing physique.

“Come and see the sunset from the water,” he said. “Looking back on the island, it’s like nothing else.”

New Becca was all about doing new things, taking risks, doing what she wanted—right? “You want to take me to your boat?”

“Just to check it out. Not stay,” he added with an angelic grin. “I wouldn’t want to suggest you were easy or anything.”

That made her chuckle.

The small engine of the runabout purred lightly through the water. Beyond the number of fishing boats, there were a couple of immaculate white cruisers moored in the harbor. She’d bet his boat was one of the white queens—they were definitely flashy, but they rounded the first white floating palace. And anchored behind that, in a deeper part of the bay was a ginormous yacht. It was beautiful—wooden hull, gleaming rigging. The epitome of high-seas romance.

“You did do well when you sold your company,” she said, unable to think of anything more intelligent as she trailed her fingers through the water. It didn’t cool her any.

“Not this well. It’s on loan from a friend.”

“But to have friends who own like this? You did well.”

“Yeah, I did well. Does that make me acceptable now?”

She frowned. “You were never not acceptable.” Why was he looking at her like she’d disappointed him somehow? “I know what you think of me,” she said, suddenly annoyed.

“Do you?” His face went oddly expressionless. “What’s that?”

“You think I’m that spoilt girl, the one who’s had everything so easy. And maybe I did have a pretty privileged upbringing.” She’d not known the extent of the struggle he’d had, but she knew he’d worked harder and longer than anyone she knew. And that he’d sold his boutique coffee chain to a multi-national for a huge amount of money. Good for him, now it was her turn to pony-up to finding a profession. “But I’m paying my own way now. I’m not taking my parents’ money. I’m independent—doing what I want, when I want with whom I want.”

“Squirting soda at random strangers is what you want?”

“Okay it’s not my dream job,” she admitted. “It’s temporary. Just to get the money to get to my next destination.”

“Where’s that?”


“Another party island?”

“Actually I want to get to Delos, nearby. It’s full of history.”

“You want to look at artifacts?”

She was irritated that he looked so surprised. “Yes. I majored in Classical Studies,” she said defiantly. “I’m going to all the museums. Then I’m going to do my post-grad curator course and work in one.”

She drew in a sharp breath. She’d not actually admitted that plan to anyone yet. Not even her parents. But she’d wanted to come to Greece for years.

Levi just nodded like it made total sense. No laughter or alternative suggestion like she was expecting from her folks. Just acceptance. He tethered the small boat to the back of the yacht, then turned back to look at her in that intense, attentive way. “So what else do you want to do?”

The Man She Couldn't Refuse

Becca Wolfe is on a mission to put herself first for once–and that means no men.

Working as a promo girl on a Greek Island, she’s dressed to thrill, carrying a pistol full of caffeine-laced soda (did she mention the secret libido-boosting ingredient?) and ready for the holiday of a lifetime-with no distractions!

But Levi Everton–blast from the past and top of Becca’s ‘Most Wanted’ list–is distraction personified.

A lot has changed in ten years, but Levi is tempting as ever. And he’s about to show Becca that life is much more exciting when you give in to temptation…!


by Natalie Anderson

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