The Man She Couldn’t Refuse: Chapter 9

Jack: U’re a Wolfe, work is your duty. Txt me the info as soon as u can. Better still, send a pic.

Levi kissed her. Exulted when he felt her open up for him instantly. When he felt her hands sliding over his skin, drawing him nearer, over her.

She clutched him closer. The heat quickened, so did his actions. He couldn’t get enough. Couldn’t get close enough, fast enough.

Nor, it seemed, could she.

He felt her thrusting against him. Felt the feverish urgency in her body. She was burning up. He pulled her closer, pressing harder against her as he kissed her mouth—penetrating deep. Taking up all she had to offer. Making her moan. Melt.


Yeah that’s what he wanted. Becca breathing his name. Becca twisting beneath him seeking more of his touch, hot and willing and wilder than any woman he’d known.

He slid his fingers beneath the tight band of her bikini. Felt the satisfied, hungry nip of her teeth and thrust of her hips. He circled her plump nub, testing, teasing, finding the rhythm that made her writhe. Her nails scratched, dug into his shoulders. But he didn’t do as he ached, didn’t fill her wet heat with his fingers. For this first time, he was saving that delight for his aching cock. He claimed her mouth instead, filling that hunger with the strokes of his tongue, all the while teasing with his fingers. Drawing her closer and closer, quicker to the point of no return. Until she tore her mouth free, her head pressing back as her neck and body arched up, taut and shaking.

He let her. Wanted to hear her scream pierce the still, balmy air.

It was a throaty, all-feminine sound. He felt the spasms rocket through her body, felt the instinctive jerking of her hips and her cry break as pleasure flooded her.

Finally she went limp, eyes closed, her chest rising and falling fast as she tried to catch her breath. Her breasts spilled over her bra cups, plump and edible. His hand was still trapped between her thighs, closed on him like a hot, damp vice.

Satisfaction burned in every cell. Satisfaction coupled with a searing, driving need.

“So now we’d better address the question,” he said quietly.

Slowly she blinked, her eyes slumberous and deep enough for him to dive headfirst. “What question’s that?”

“Are you going to say no to me again?”

Becca’s heart was pounding so fast that for a moment she worried she might faint. That orgasm, those kisses…the intensity, the desperation she felt? The aching need to draw him close and make him hers. This couldn’t be real. Surely it wasn’t anything other than the combination of stunning scenery, the warm evening… It couldn’t be anything more than…chemistry.

“You know that energy soda doesn’t just have caffeine and guarana in it,” she said vaguely, grasping for that idea.

“What else is there?”

“Some pumpkin seed extract or something. It has some acid that increases the blood flow to certain…private…parts. Kind of like what Viagra does for men”

“You’re telling me it’s the pumpkin seeds that’ve got your motor running? Good to know. I take it you’re not saying no, then. Seeing how I’m fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.”

“You know what?” She mocked punched him, coming to her senses. “I don’t care about your big cabin or anything else about this boat. All I want is to see you. Feel you. Taste you. Have you.”

His blue irises had all but disappeared—his pupils were so big. Midnight black and burning.

“You saw me as the challenge.” She glared up at him. “They all did. The great virgin Becca. The one who’d never said yes to anyone.”

“Who did you say yes to?” A wary look flashed over his face. “You did say yes to someone, right?”

“A guy at varsity,” she growled at him. “He was older. Very cool. Guyliner and everything. I guess I was flattered…and mesmerized.”

“By guyliner?” His mouth twitched.

“Johnny-Depp style. Even into the movies. A wannabe auteur. He was studying film.”

She had too—switching her secondary major to film studies. Adopting the heavily black outlined eyes. Coloring her hair darker. Embracing her inner alternative ingénue. Falling into the trap of molding herself to be like the person influencing her life

“Was he worth waiting for?”

She hesitated, reluctant to kiss and tell. She’d felt a fleeting feeling of disappointment, that had eventually progressed to understanding. “He was kind.”

“Kind?” Levi looked surprised.

She nodded. “But I don’t want kind tonight. Not from you.”

“What do you want?”


The Man She Couldn't Refuse

Becca Wolfe is on a mission to put herself first for once–and that means no men.

Working as a promo girl on a Greek Island, she’s dressed to thrill, carrying a pistol full of caffeine-laced soda (did she mention the secret libido-boosting ingredient?) and ready for the holiday of a lifetime-with no distractions!

But Levi Everton–blast from the past and top of Becca’s ‘Most Wanted’ list–is distraction personified.

A lot has changed in ten years, but Levi is tempting as ever. And he’s about to show Becca that life is much more exciting when you give in to temptation…!


by Natalie Anderson

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