Broken For Me

When desire is denied too long, it becomes dangerous...

Desire. Denial. Desolation…
Nothing is more important to Luisa Williams than her freedom to explore new destinations, new jobs, new connections… She never spends more than a few weeks in any one place because life is too short to stand still. But when she meets Hunter Shaw, her instinct is to stop and stare and—to her horror—move closer. Her wild attraction to him stuns her, but his silent inscrutability puts her on edge. She suspects he sees that she hides secrets…
Retrieval specialist Hunter Shaw’s survival depends on his ability not to become emotionally involved with anyone or anything. He has intimate understanding of loss and betrayal and isn’t about to score himself a repeat of either. But he sees suffering in the eyes of the capricious, determined, gorgeous woman who so defiantly turns her back on him. Still, her hidden desolation isn’t his problem, right?
But the searing attraction between them is.
Luisa can run, but in the end she can’t hide. Not from Hunter. Not from her need. And when desire is denied too long, it becomes dangerous. Ultimately all resistance, and all protection, must be broken.

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Broken For Me

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