When Ana Met Seb: Bonus Teaser

When Ana Met Seb: Bonus Teaser

Download from Bookfunnel When Ana Met Seb An OUT OF HER DEPTH Bonus Teaser One look was all it took! Experience the moment when Ana first met Seb that crazy night out clubbing where their instant attraction led them both to do the one thing neither imagined they would… read their whole love story here… […]

What’s In The Box?: A ‘Breathe for Me’ bonus scene

What's in the Box?

download to your ereader (bookfunnel) What’s in the Box? a ‘Breathe for Me’ bonus scene It’s four years on since Xander and Chelsea first met during that fateful fire alarm… are they still playing with fiery, playful fantasies? read this free bonus scene and find out read xander and chelsea’s story from the start Chapter […]

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