Resisting Her Playboy Boss

The biggest mistake of her life was also the best night ever—but now he’s her boss!

Intoxicated by her luxurious surroundings, Ellie Summers snuck into her colleague’s bedroom. But the morning after the best night ever, she wakes to find she’s in the wrong room and the arms of a total stranger!

Property magnate Ruben Theroux isn’t afraid to have fun and when it turns out that the best dream ever was actually real, he’s all in. Tempting the pretty tour guide to play some more is irresistible—once he’s managed to get her to stop apologising that is…

But there’s more than flirt on the table and how can they negotiate any business deal when the lines are this blurred? Because the more he chases, the more they have to reveal. And opening up? That terrifies them both…

Download now for reckless instalust, playful banter and bruised hearts battling ultimate vulnerability.

Resisting her Playboy Boss is a standalone novel, and a part of the Billionaire Bosses, Forbidden Flings series set in New Zealand (or featuring an Antipodean character). It can be read on its own or as part of the series where other characters sometimes make teeny tiny cameos.

***Previously published as Waking up in the Wrong Bed***

Resisting Her Playboy Boss

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