Escaping to fabulous Fiji in REVEALING HER NINE MONTH SECRET

One of the promises in a Harlequin Presents/ Mills and Boon Modern (or Sexy in Australia/NZ) is they’re often set in ‘exotic destinations’. Of course, what’s an exotic location to one person might be a very different destination to another given we all live in the far flung corners of the world.

I live in New Zealand which is pretty much one of the furtherest away countries from most others. So for me almost everywhere counts as ‘exotic’—from Europe to the Americas, Africa or Asia, the Middle East to Scandinavia… they are all very far away from where I am. So choosing an exciting exotic destination is quite difficult—I want them all!!! Especially in this time when we’ve really not been able to travel (and still aren’t contemplating it much to be honest).

So for me it’s really lovely to get to ‘escape’ somewhere exotic between the pages of the book. I’m not gonna lie, not gonna apologise, right now I’m super happy to write in an ever-so-slightly parallel universe in which there’s no pandemic, no warring… my focus is tight on my emotionally charged couple, with the power plays, passion and sheer rollercoaster that is their relationship.

But for REVEALING HER NINE-MONTH SECRET I did get to choose a particularly ‘jet-set’ location as part of this month’s series… I wanted warm. I wanted romantic. I wanted isolated and beautiful… because I wanted my hero to whisk my heroine away to a very private place in which they could work out their problems (quite large problems as it turns out—see here for more on that).

For me the Pacific Islands are simply paradise. First up there’s the weather—warmth, massive blue skies, sunshine. Then there’s the ocean—so blue and with wonderously beautiful sealife and corals. And then, honestly, there’s the fact that its not a twenty-four hours (or more) flight to get to them.

A very youthful Natalie with her very new hubby in Fiji, 2000. This was before the sunburn and sea-lice incidents!!!

And, in a cute behind the scene fact for you, Fiji is where my husband and I went on our own honeymoon, so it holds a special place in my heart. It’s also the last place we travelled to before Covid stopped us from heading overseas.

Over twenty years ago we stayed on an adults-only island resort, Matamanoa. It was gorgeous. We flew into Nadi and then went by boat to the island. We had a private beach front bure which had sliding doors that opened straight onto gorgeous sand. It was stunning. We dined on fresh fruit, salad, my hubby had fresh fish (I’m veggo and made the most of the pineapple) and it was wonderful… But it wasn’t romance novel perfect. As only can happen to my hubby and I, he got sunburned on day one while I got stung by sealice—right across my torso—not fun!!! Needless to say neither of these things made it into the book.

Natalie and hubby in Fiji, December2019
Almost twenty years later, December 2019. Just as youthful, right?! 😉

Just shy of twenty years later (only a couple months before Covid) hubby and I returned to Fiji. But this time we went to a family resort—with our four teenagers in tow. This was one of those places with buffet breakfasts—omelettes, pancakes, pineapple, pastries… all the things for those hungry kids!

There was a swim-up bar and a massive pool as well as a beautiful beach and wonderful staff who worked so hard to make everything lovely. We saw turtles, sea snakes and my son went scuba diving while we relaxed and read.

It was fabulous.

Pool in Fiji
Relaxing by the pool with a book. Pure bliss.

But my hero and heroine don’t go to either an adults-only or a family-friendly resort. They go to a completely private resort on a tiny island that my hero has purchased specificially for the purpose and yes I admit that one was complete fantasy-fulfilment for me 😉 Who wouldn’t want their own resort?!?!? And that’s something only a Presents hero can deliver, right? Taking over an entire resort to keep his heroine safe in the place he knows she loves…

If you could go anywhere in the world for your honeymoon, second honeymoon or dream romance destination—would it be a tropical island paradise, a snowy mountain range, a city with vibrant arts, culture and nightlife, a remote desert with tents beneath the stars? There are so many wonderful options.

Check out this month’s Harlequin Presents / Mills & Boon Modern series to find a delicious assortment of places to escape to… and with utterly gorgeous heroes as a bonus! 😉

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Their night was explosive. Their reunion couldn’t be more shocking! 

USA TODAY bestselling author Natalie Anderson thrills with this secret baby romance!

After their one magical evening ended in disaster, Carrie Barrett assumed she’d never see superrich Massimo Donati-Wells again. So a glimpse of him nine months later sends her into labor—with the secret she didn’t even know she was carrying!

Massimo will be there for his child, unlike his own father. On his private Fijian island, he’ll offer Carrie an arrangement that’s convenient for them both. Only, she’s had enough of being everyone’s second choice! Can Massimo allow Carrie to break through his walls for a chance at something truly real?

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