The Man She Couldn’t Refuse: Chapter 11

Jack: Where are my updates?

Becca woke, smiling before she’d even opened her eyes. Levi was caressing her softly just beneath her rib cage—a gentle, intimate, everyday delight kind of touch.

She’d just had the best night of her life. It was ending now. And that was okay. She was determinedly ignoring that niggle in her chest. That was simply the price she’d have to pay. But she would. She’d walk away and be more than okay.

“You looking very pleased with yourself.” He sounded amused, a little husky.

“Because I am.” She stretched out and opened her eyes. “Very pleased. Very relaxed.”

He looked mildly surprised. “Gotta say, the morning after is a little easier than I thought it might be.”

“Me, too.” She rolled onto her side and ran a hand down her hip, looking over his nudity with mounting pleasure. “I was so afraid that if I slept with you I’d fall for you and want to have your babies and be planning the wedding already.”

A startled laugh escaped him. “But you’re not?”

She shook her head. “I just feel fine. I had a great time. Thank you.” She reached across and kissed him, feeling free to touch. Unencumbered by worries about “what was going to happen”, about whether or not she “should” or “shouldn’t”. This was easy. This was it.

He looked slightly concerned. “Is that what usually happens when you sleep with a guy?”

“Well, not right away… it usually takes a few dates.” With her ex it had taken a while, then before she knew it she was changing her course and his favorite things became her favorite things…and in trying to please him, she lost herself.

“So why were you worried it would happen when you slept with me?”

Oh. Hmm. No harm in a little honesty. “Because you’re wicked hot. Always have been.”

“Have I?”

She nodded.

“So why’d you shoot me down so hard when I asked you out that time?”


A vibrant salsa music filled the room. Her phone. Becca snatched her bag up from the floor and rummaged for her phone, frowning when she saw the caller ID.

“Roddy?” she answered. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re late is what’s wrong.”

“Late?” She checked the screen of her phone again. How did it get to be after midday?

“I told you that if you party too hard, you can’t work for me.” Her boss, formerly from Glasgow, was his usual blunt, rough self. “On time or not at all, remember?”

“And I told you I don’t party hard.” She sat up, clutching the sheet to cover her breasts.

“So you’re not still in bed?”

Oh. Becca blushed, even though she knew he couldn’t see her.

“Don’t bother coming back.”

No way. Becca had never lost a job in her life. She needed this job. She needed to save some more funds to hop to her next island and spend some days exploring the historic sites. “But Roddy!”

“No second chances from me, I warned you. You can keep the costume in lieu of yesterday’s pay.”

“What? That’s it? You’re firing me?”


Becca stared at her phone. But Roddy had already cut the call.

“Who was that?” Levi looked wary.

“My boss. My very unhappy boss. Why didn’t you tell me the time?” Becca threw back the sheet and got out of bed, hunting for her bikini bottoms and bra.

“Because I have no idea what time it is. You had me up all night, I lost track of everything else hours ago.”

She wasn’t going to be flattered by that. “I can’t believe he sacked me.”

“You’ve been late before?”

“No, but he’s hard line. He won’t even give me my pay for yesterday. Apparently I get to keep the costume in lieu.” It was so unfair. But it was her own fault for taking on such a casual position.

“That’s not right. You’re going to fight it?”

She paused, bra in hand. “How? For the few euros I was earning in a short shift anyway?” She shook her head. “Not worth it.”

He looked at her, the concerned look on his face lightening. “Well, a woman’s wardrobe is never complete without a kick-butt heroine costume, right?”

“You think this is funny?”

“No. I think it’s unfair. But I was trying to cheer you up.”

“It’s a crap costume and we both know it. So typical that a woman’s hero costume is so revealing. Where’s the full-body armor that the guys get?”

He chuckled. “Look, you have your passport. Your bank cards. It’s not the end of the world. Relax.” He walked towards her, befuddling her brain again with his nudity. He placed his hands on her shoulders and smiled right into her eyes. “You hated it anyway.”

“I wouldn’t say hated,” she argued faintly. “I’d say I was finally getting to grips with it.” Knowing he’d been watching yesterday, she’d been all badass. Talking it up, acting it up. All confidence.

“Mmm-hmm.” His hands slid lower.

Her bra fell to the floor.

“Stop trying to distract me,” she breathed.

“You said it was just a temp job to tide you over for a couple of days.” He pulled her body hard against his.

“Yes, but—”

“You’ll find something else.” He lifted her, instinctively she wrapped her legs around him. “You wanted to move on anyway, right?”

Move on? “Yes.”

He lay her back on the bed and proceeded to move all on her. “So don’t worry about it.”

“You’re trying to distract me.” She rocked her hips up to meet him.

“And make you feel better. Is it working?”

“Mmmm.” As she closed her eyes, the rocking sensation intensified.

She stilled, her eyes flashing open. “We’re moving.”

He laughed and flexed his hips. “That’s the general idea.”

“No really.” She shoved him so he fell back and she sat up, all senses on high alert. “We’re really moving.”

The Man She Couldn't Refuse

Becca Wolfe is on a mission to put herself first for once–and that means no men.

Working as a promo girl on a Greek Island, she’s dressed to thrill, carrying a pistol full of caffeine-laced soda (did she mention the secret libido-boosting ingredient?) and ready for the holiday of a lifetime-with no distractions!

But Levi Everton–blast from the past and top of Becca’s ‘Most Wanted’ list–is distraction personified.

A lot has changed in ten years, but Levi is tempting as ever. And he’s about to show Becca that life is much more exciting when you give in to temptation…!


by Natalie Anderson

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